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Event Production

For over 30 years, CSR has produced virtual, hybrid and live events for corporate groups, associations, non-profits and everything in between. Our team has the experience and technical knowledge to bring your vision to life in any space or on any virtual platform. 

Virtual, Hybird & Live Events

VIRTUAL options

1. Broadcast from your office: The package includes HD camera(s), a switcher, wireless microphones, lighting and the ability to connect to any online platform offering an excellent broadcast quality set-up from your location. Our technicians will be on site to ensure that your virtual event runs smooth. 

2. CSR Virtual Studio: Located just minutes away from downtown Cleveland, the CSR studio space offers everything you need to create a polished look. It includes a stage, a large LED video wall, HD cameras, a switcher, wireless microphones, lighting and the ability to connect to any platform. Available at a moments notice, our technicians will be on hand to make sure your virtual event is presented correctly and the technology is appropriate.

3. Presenters in Multiple Locations: It’s not always feasible to fly in speakers from all over the globe. Let our experienced technicians work with you to make sure that your event runs smooth while utilizing pre-recorded and/or live video and graphics to ensure a uniform look and feel to the event. We will work with your preferred virtual platform or we can recommend a platform for your specific needs.


With a hybrid event model, guests have the option to attend virtually, in-person or both. Creating a hybrid event involves a one or two-way stream of some or all content of the event. A two-way stream allows interaction with virtual guests while a one-way stream is simply that, sending content outwards only to a virtual audience.

A hybrid model is a great solution to extend the reach of your event, allowing those who might not be able to make a trip still have the ability to experience and attend the event virtually. 

Think of a hybrid event much like a live TV program with seamless transitions from presentation, video and graphics to live speakers alongside any pre-recorded content. 

Planning a hybrid meeting can be a complex undertaking, let our team of experts lead the way. 

LIVE (local to Greater cleveland)

Live events are what we all know and love; with Cleveland as our home base, our staff has extensive knowledge in the majority of the venues in “The Land.” While the event world continues to look different in today’s environment, our ability to safely and successfully bring your vision to life has not wavered.  Let us share our expertise with you. Start a conversation with a member of our team today. 

LIVE (anywhere in the world)

Event going on the road? We’d love to join! 

Planning an event in a location where you’re not physically based can present a challenge. Our team has been traveling the globe for years. Let us handle all of the production planning so you can focus your attention on where it matters most, your attendees. See a few places we’ve worked below: