“CSR did a great job creating a dynamic environment ... Between the lighting, set design, sound, video, and overall look, they transformed a normal meeting room into a dynamic environment. It was truly amazing, and our guests were very impressed.”

Geraldine Weiser, Corporate College East


Who’s that one friend you always call? The one you know will come through for you, no matter what? The one you always depend on.

When it comes to presenting live events, we’re that friend. Whether your deadline is in three weeks, three months, or next year, we’re ready. We listen to your ideas, consider the space you’re using, then make it happen. When you work with CSR, we remove the worry. Putting your event in our hands means we handle all the details you’re unsure of: Power? Bandwidth? Multiple vendor coordination? It all falls to us. So relax. We’ll get it right.