Consistent Reliablity

“Their [CSR] onsite support was incredible — they followed the program timeline exactly and handled any last minute details from me with ease. Everything was seamless.”

Lauren Frick, Industry Week


Imagine taking a trip with a great friend who is always prepared. When she picks you up, her gas tank is full, and the oil change sticker’s fresh from last week. “I already programmed the GPS,” she says. “We’re all set.”

When you work with CSR, it’s just like having a friend who thinks of everything for you. If you need it, we’ve got it. If it’s important, we’ll have backup. We don’t take risks.

We live in a world with no second chances. No excuses. We know that in the live event business there will always be “off-script moments,” and that our ability to adjust quickly and efficiently is the reason our clients consistently turn to us to stage their most important presentations. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We know where the stress points fall.

Why are we so thorough? We look at things differently. We’re not just working for you—for that day or that week—we are you. We look at your success as our success. We’re with you, all the way.