“As a full-service shop, able to provide staging/audio-visual and rentals, CSR saved us time, money, and headaches in executing our event. Since CSR provides a ‘one-stop’ service, we eliminated layers of meetings, emails, and phone calls that would have been necessary had we dealt with several individual suppliers.”

Greg Krizman, Marketing Director, MAGNET

“Hey, I remember you. We’ve met before. On that first job, the one I was so nervous about. The huge product debut my boss had me handle with only two months’ notice. Everyone loved it, by the way. You got everything right. There was nothing to worry about—you handled all the details. You guys are great.”

Hearing stories like this is just another reason why we love doing what we do.

Your organization needs a collaborator who can coordinate all the elements of your event and feel the same passion you do for your business. When you work with CSR, we assign you a personal Event Producer (EP), who becomes an integral part of your team. We also provide you with the same crew every time you need us, no matter where or when your event may be held. You can expect a lot from a long-term relationship with us, not the least of which is memory: why we did what we did, what works, and what resources and materials we can re-use in an effort to save you time and money.

We also provide reassurance. You and your CEO can relax, knowing that we’re behind the scenes, taking care of business. Whether it’s gauging the proper height of the teleprompters or knowing how you like your morning coffee, we have it covered.