What Makes Us Different


Some people look at the technology we use every day and think what we do is rocket science. Actually, we consider it an art form. We believe in knowledge, and are continually pushing technology to the limit. Our goal is to stir emotions, create memories, and deliver seamless presentations in which every introduction, transition, and video roll appears as if by magic.

Anyone can provide equipment (and we do that, too), but we believe that technology only impresses to the degree that it’s skillfully managed, furthering your message and focusing audience attention.

Our designers, engineers, event producers, and technicians are highly trained, extremely experienced, and deeply passionate about their craft. We offer a degree of planning, preparation, and execution excellence that is unmatched.

For every project we do, we ask: What’s your intent? Which emotions will move your audience to action? What will help build your brand? How can our clients get the most bang for their buck? Depending on your need, we customize our A/V technology to amaze, impress, inform, entertain, and educate your viewers with your message.


At CSR, we take education and certification seriously. We want you to feel secure about the qualifications of the crew pushing the buttons for your CEO’s presentation.

All of our technicians have been INFOCOMM CTS certified. Our engineers and technicians regularly attend specialized manufacturer training, and we have ETCP certified riggers on staff. Further, and uniquely within the industry, we train and certify our entire staff in American Red Cross CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) usage. We even bring along portable defibrillators for all large events we produce. We care about the health and safety of crews, performers, and audiences. As your collaborator in event planning, we think it’s just good business to take care of each other.